PowerVac 3000 - Electric shredder aspirator blower


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Electric shredder aspirator blower.

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Flymo Power Wac 3000 Electric 3000W Shredder Blower Aspirator.

It allows you to accumulate large quantities of dry leaves fallen for example on the forecourt of the house and to suck them up later.

Thanks to its shredding function, with a shredding ratio of 16: 1, it is possible to vacuum large quantities to deposit them inside the large 45-liter collection bag.

Generally, the method to make the best use of this tool consists in the use of the blowing function, very useful for example to accumulate in piles or strips all the leaves (or other) present in a certain area. Once this operation is completed, the machine is converted into a vacuum cleaner so that all the newly accumulated material can be collected in a few moments.

Let us take this example as many of those who have never used this equipment believe that they only need the suction function. But it is unthinkable to actually use the suction function directly and exclusively to clean a certain area, because it would require a huge expenditure of time and energy (sucking the entire affected area cm after cm), when instead the blowing function allows you to drastically reduce the execution times, relegating the suction phase (slower) to a few final moments.


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