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Maciste - Seeds for lawn of 1 Kg


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  • Sunny
  • Shadow
  • Settlement speed

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Ideal mixture with medium-large texture for Mediterranean-continental areas, warm, exposed to the south and with evident problems of summer temperatures and risk of drought.

Maciste is also the right answer for any type of terrain, also suitable for shade up to 50% less direct light and therefore suitable even in the shade of conifers. Very fast in the initial planting phase, it immediately colonizes the spaces, leaving no outlet for potential weeds.

Turf made of cultivars of American origin with bright green color even in the cold season. Carpet that at full maturity, presents itself with high density and uniformity. Summer brown spot tolerant.

Ideal for the construction of recreational, ornamental lawns, but also for more marginal areas.


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Scheda tecnica

Caratteristiche essenziali
Species microtherm
Resistance Great
Utilizzo e dosaggio
Dosage 40-50 gr / m2
Use Ornamental
Use Recreational areas
The period of sowing Set
The period of sowing Tues.
The period of sowing May
The period of sowing needle
The period of sowing October
The period of sowing April
The period of sowing Down
Composizione tipica
Festuca arundinacea (%) 80
Poa pratense (%) 10
Ryegrass, perennial (%) 10
Dimensioni e peso
Packaging Sacco
Weight kg) 1
Icons seeds Sunny
Icons seeds Shadow
Icons seeds Settlement speed

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