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Festuca Arundinacea e Poa

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The size of the plate is 125 x 40 cm and then the soil covers half a square meter of surface.

The quantity ordered means in meters, this means that if you write in the Amount field, '100', you will receive 200 rolls of lawn capable of covering a surface of 100 square meters.

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Mixture of Festuca Arundinacea and Poa Pratense

And' lawn classic suitable for residential use in the temperate zones.
Can you are used for the construction of sports facilities is non-professional.
Being the type of lawn the most widely produced turns out to be the most economical while being durable and pleasing to the eye.

This type of lawn is highly resistant to the variation of temperature.
It has a good resistance to the cold In colder climates, with minimum temperatures permanently below zero, tend to turn yellow even in its entirety remains green.
The resistance to heat is the best among the species of evergreen.

It has an excellent resistance to impact
Very good in the context of the species of evergreen.

It has a good resistance in the shade
Tolerate situations of half-shadow, as it is not completely in the dark.

To be cut at a height between 4 and 5 cm. Does not tolerate cuts under 3.5 cm. The cut can be made with mower blades helical or rotary.


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