Daphne, 65 - pellet Stove 5.5 Kw beige

Dafne 65 - beige

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Rated power output (min-max): 3.0 -5.5 kW. Pellet tank capacity (16.5 kg). Digital control panel. Fire door with ceramic glass self-cleaning. Maintenance system designed to minimize the accumulation of soot. Timer daily and weekly. Thermal efficiency (min - max) 87.2 - 81.0 %. Max Volume heated: 160 m3.

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Convenience, affordability, modernity of the forms and technologies made in Italy: here are the secrets of the Pellet Stove Atlantic, as all of the other stoves brand, Olimpia Spendid.

Thanks to the use of Pellets for domestic heating can be saved 50-60% of the expenditure for other fuels (natural gas, electricity, kerosene etc). An economic Advantage that it also allows you to contribute to the preservation of the planet and of the future, in fact the pellet is a natural fuel is highly sustainable thanks to the new production plants and the reforestation eco-friendly of the majority of pellets on the market.

This beautiful stufa Pellet Dafne 65, with a power of 5.5 KW, can heat up to 160 cubic meters in your house, (the volume heating mainly depends on the width of the spaces to be heated, the more the spaces are easily connected and open, the stove will make it to the maximum of its performance, on the contrary, if you place the stove in an environment that is too small for the heat capacity of the stove and the spaces will be too fragmented and difficult to reach the stove will produce less heat).


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Weight kg) 87


Data sheet Dafne 65

The characteristics of the stove pellet Card Dafne 65 of Olimpia Splendid.

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