Lawn mowing: how to do it correctly

Pubblicato: 02/23/2019 17:33:34
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Why is it important to mow properly a lawn?

For turf that is always fresh, beautiful and lush, the shaving is crucial.

It is not only an aesthetic factor but also an important activity for the health of the turf.

A good shave, in fact, facilitates the following aspects:

  • Allow soil to a greater breathability, and a greater root development.
  • When watering, the water can penetrate more quickly, thus avoiding evaporation and stagnation of water.
  • It facilitates the absorption of nutrient elements of fertilizers.

In short, a lawn, well-shaved appears immediately more orderly, in good health and thriving.It is more pleasant to live in and gives us all another.the look of your home.

As and when you need to mow the lawn?

With the arrival of summer until the autumn, the grass should be cut to a height that varies between two and four inches depending on the variety.

In the summer, however, when the temperatures rise, it is convenient to let it grow a bit more to protect the soil from the heat of the sun, and efforts to counter the drying of the turf.

To maintain the grass at two to four inches of height, however, requires a shave frequently. Usually the most common varieties in Italy, the lawn should be mowed once a week. Do not let too much time pass so that the lawn is too high, otherwise you should run into the problem of having to sfalciare too much leaf, and this will cause damage to your lawn, in addition to more work and time to run it. Instead of a regular mow that asporti more than a third of the height of the leaf will keep your lawn healthy, green and clean.

And it is also advisable to shave when the leaf is dry and in the less hot hours of the day.

What machines mowers use?

On the market there are many solutions of machines, mowers, ranging from machines hobby to professional, from the electric ones to the ones with the internal combustion engine. And, finally, the robot mows the grass.

The choice of machine will be dictated first of all by the size of your lawn. For the lawns of small dimensionthe you can opt for the electric machine or battery.

For gardens of medium size we recommend that you use the machines on battery power no less than 40 Volts, or machines with internal combustion engine with blades of at least 48 inches and engines from 140 CC. Instead, for the larger areas it is advisable to use the rider cross mower or tractor mowers, also for a question of saving time in the execution of the work.

Another interesting alternative is the use of robot mowers that do for you work. The robot of the latest generation guarantee a good efficiency and reliability. Basically you choose the robot suitable for the sizes of your lawn, install it, and him, in full autonomy raserà your lawn. On the market there are different brands and models.

A last council for machinery mowers: do the proper maintenance, keeping them always efficient. Very important, for example, to keep the blades well sharpened so that the cutting is sharp and regular. This will help you avoid unsightly fraying of the leaf.

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