The fertilization of the end of the summer

Pubblicato: 08/20/2018 11:34:09
Categorie: Green areas maintenance

Approaching the end of August, now the hot is a lot less scary. Let's get ready to reinvigorate lawns after the hot summer.


Approaching the month of September, which remains one of the best months for grass growth, we have planned a nitrogen fertilisation of a high quality. With SUPER TURF 24-6-9 at a dose of 30 gr/sqm within a few days the lawn will become a beautiful green and dense.

After a few days also perform a treatment, bio stimulant, humic acids, such as VIGOR LIQUID to be distributed in a dose of 1 kg per 100 square meters diluted in 20 litres of water. After the application it is very important to follow a watering cycle for dilavare the leaves and allow the product to reach the soil.

It is recommended to start treatment fungicide natural type with TRIKO PLUS in dose of 50 ml to 100 sq m, to be diluted in 20 litres of water litres of water. The product you can give it mixed in with Vigor Liquid in a single solution. This treatment, if performed with constancy every 3 months, will create a natural barrier to fungal diseases.


In the case in which the lawn to get out of the summer a little battered, maybe with a few patches of dry, residuals of diseases or pests, make a light aeration to smooth the area first to fertilize with SPRINT N at the dose of 35 g/sqm. It is fertilizer rinverdente emergency perfect for giving timely the necessary nutrients.

Wait a few days and run a bio stimulation with VIGOR LIQUID in quantities of 1Kg per 100 sq m to be diluted in 20 litres of water. After giving Vigor Liquid proceed with a brief watering of the lawn for a few minutes, to dilavare the plants and to bring Vigor Liquid to the ground.

For September of this year, our advice is to combine ALWAYS as a detoxifying dose of 50 ml in 10 litres of water plus 50 ml of PRESTRESS, rich in algae extracts to action rooting and phyto-stimulating.

In case you have yellow stains residual fungus on the lawn that seem to disappear and you need to hide them immediately you can use VERDIGO, a natural dye non-toxic to the lawn, to be applied to the spots undesirable in aqueous solution at a dosage of 500 ml in 10 litres of water per 250 square metres.

Also remember that it is always advisable to carry out the fertilization with granular products using a SPREADER to prevent damage to the lawn caused by possible over-dosages, localized and caused by a spreading of the misuse of the fertilizer.

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