The fertilization pre summer turf

Pubblicato: 06/10/2018 20:17:08
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With the end of spring and the approach of summer, temperatures will tend to rise.

This will cause the soil to heat up, which will result in a thermal stress to our lawn to make it more fragile and sensitive to disease.

How can we help then our lawn before that happens?

The solution to the problem is the POTASSIUM. A fertilization potassica, in fact, strengthen the defenses of our lawn and contrasted the stress of the summer that could cause damage to our lawn. But to get a good result it is necessary that the fertilisation takes place before the arrival of the intense heat, then the ideal would be between mid-may and mid-June.

Which product to use?

A good fertilizer summer stress, in addition to contain just the right amount of potassium, must also release it in a controlled way, a certain amount of nitrogen that will act as a small but important fuel saving.

Let's see some fertilizers for professional use between may and June, suitable to fortify your lawn for the summer:

Bottos Summer K

It is a fertilizer professional specifically for summer use. It has a very important quantities of Potassium (30 units of K) I one of the best fertilizers in the summer available today in the market. The fraction of nitrogen (10 units of N) is the transfer programmed from Polyon. A fertilizer perfect for strengthening plant tissues and give the vegetation a greater tolerance to major stress during the summer.

Bottos Slow K

A fertilizer of lower quality Summer K. A fertilizer for hobbyists who want to a fertilizer in the summer but without spending too much.

Herbatech Vigor Plus

Fertiliser micro-granular to the lawn, rinverdente spring, for the annual maintenance of all types of lawns. Slow release fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, iron and magnesium, ensures a vigorous growth and long with a strong dark green colour of the grass. Great restart late summer meadows yellowed and stressed. Extraordinary in the fertilizer monthly in summer the weeds and all the macroterme, even on soils with high alkalinity or in the presence of sodium.

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