5004Plus-PC30 - Sprinkler concealed, range 15.2 meters


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Riser height 10 cm.

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The Further step in the performance of the Sprinklers in the Turbine.

The Sprinklers of the Best in the World.

  • Turf greener with less water – nozzles Rain Curtain™ provide uniformity for optimal
  • Faster to install with matched precipitation rates and proportionate by using nozzles MPR
  • Versatility: many different models available to suit all applications

Mouthpieces with Technology Rain Curtain

- Nozzles Rain Curtain™ standard on all the sprinklers 5000, 5000Plus
• Drops larger for a uniform distribution
• Effective irrigation in the vicinity of the sprinkler
• Homogeneous distribution over the entire range
- The set of mouthpieces offers ranges from 7.6 to 15.2 m with 4 nozzles low angle (trajectory 10°) and 8 nozzles Rain Curtain™ standard trajectory 25°)
- Insertion of the mouthpiece simplified with the help of guides

  • Installation and Maintenance

- Mechanism clutch for quick adjustment during installation
- Easier maintenance thanks to the new screw, self-cleaning adjustment of the arc
- The 5000 Plus has a Stop device of the Stream that blocks the flow of water to a particular sprinkler while the system is still in function
- The arc adjustment from the top requires only a flat tip screwdriver
- The screw of adjustment of the range allows to reduce the radius of the 25% without having to change the mouthpiece

  • Solutions and Models

- Optional for Series 5000 Plus
• Turret in stainless steel models SS
• Valve Seal-A-Matic (SAM™): maintains the load, a pressure generated by a difference in height of 2.1 m
- The sprinklers the 5000 Plus are available in models with the lifting of the turret of 10cm (4”), 15.2 cm (6”), 30.5 cm (12”), and with a turret in stainless steel
- The lifting height of the real tower is 10,15,2 and 30.5 cm (measured from the nut to the mouthpiece)
- Rotation field adjustable from 40° to 360° and a full circle with a reversal of the rotation in a single model (model is also available in full-circle continuous rotation)
- The set of nozzles MPR simplifies design and installation by providing matched precipitation rates and in proportion from 7.6 m to 10 m
- Simplifies the design. Using nozzles MPR may be present in the same area, arches work, and placing more emphasis on different

  • Duration

- Upper cover in rubber for extra protection. The irrigator 5000 Plus has a rubber cover color green while the irrigator 5000 a cover of black colour
- Sturdy cover for greater resistance to wear and tear in residential applications or commercial
- Strong retraction spring: ensures optimum return of the turret
- Seal self-cleaning, protects the internal components against contamination and ensures optimum lifting and return of the turret
- O-rings and seals additional for increased security in systems that use water with material in suspension
- 5 year limited warranty


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